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Taraji P. Henson was born in Manila, Philippines. Her name is pronounced TAR-ee-ee, and her given name is Sarah P. Henson. Taraji P. Henson was raised in Texas. She is one of eleven children of Hosemite Muhammad Yunus. She has become famous for her roles in numerous animated films and commercials, as well as television series such as Kung Fu, Bratz, The Loud House, Supernatural, Family Guy, Hell’s Kitchen, Brides of Dracula, Batman, The Chronicles of Narnia, Bridget Jones Diary, The Princess and the Pea, among others. She is best known for her roles in animated films, including Kung Fu Panda and Bridget Jones Diary.

Taraji P. Henson was an American actress who has been nominated for Academy Awards. She studied acting in Howard University and earned a degree in communications. Later, she moved to Los Angeles to study drama writing at the famed Second City Training Center. She joined the casts of numerous television programs, most notably Kung Fu Panda, for which she received an additional Oscar nomination. In 2021, she received the Best Actor award for her role as a teenage love interest in Bridget Jones Diary. She also appeared in a number of films, including Big (the 2021 Oscar nominee for Best Music), Cleopatra (for which she garnered another Oscar nomination), A Dangerous Mind, Edward Scissorhands, The Perfect Score, and Don’t Cry for Me, and is currently in pre-production on a remake of Kung Fu Panda.

Aside from her work on film and television, Taraji P. Henson has pursued a career as a dancer, performing arts, and culinary arts professional. She resides in Los Angeles and currently works as a culinary specialist at Pantry Bar & Grille in Hollywood. Prior to her association with Pantry, Taraji worked as a dancer for four years at the Belmont Park Dance Theater, and she also spent three years as a student of the acting arts at the prestigious School of Theater in London. Taraji P. Henson has choreographed for Broadway plays and commercial appearances on television and continues to perform stand up as well as dancing professionally.

Like many people, Taraji P. Henson began studying electrical engineering and then doing some night time modeling while attending Santa Fe College in Albuquerque, NM. When that program ended, she pursued a theater career and finally landed a small break in the world of late night talk shows, where she appeared in one episode before landing a role on CSI: Miami, and has been steadily gaining work ever since. Now, she is back on top of the acting game, playing the lead role in the new FX miniseries Shades of Blue. Taraji has also previously appeared on Broadway, playing the lead role in The Pirates of the Caribbean: Onslaught, and she has a role in the upcoming Fantastic Four movies as Sue Stormwood.

If Taraji P. Henson’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she just happens to be one of the most successful actresses in modern history. Her breakthrough breakout role was in the film Chicago, as an ambitious single mother whose daughter is murdered. After pursuing an acting career on both the big and small screen, she finally lands a role as the headstrong, strong-willed nurse at Rushville Hospital in the movie Chicago. Not only did Taraji prove that she had what it takes to be a great actress, but she proved that she was a smart guy too, able to balance her boisterous personality with serious characters that viewers will find compelling.

Taraji P. Henson has definitely earned her stars from the first role that she played in 2021’s The Princess Diaries, in which she plays Benjamin Button, an escaped slave who is reunited with his wife after the Civil War. Since then, she’s appeared in more mainstream movies including the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series, where she consistently proves to be a talented actress with a great handle on the camera. In the new movie, The Nanny Diaries, Taraji P. Henson finally gets to take center stage, playing the mother of one of the main characters. Though her appearance in this film doesn’t directly connect to anything about The Princess Diaries, it’s clear that Taraji P. Henson has found her niche in Hollywood.

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