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About Silva Hakobyan. Silva Hakobyan was born inğabad, Turkey, to parents who were Yildzi and Hristo. Her family then moved to France, where her father worked as an architect. It was here that she started studying ballet when she was young. This led to a highly regarded career in ballet, which included participation in numerous ballets all around the world including the Royal Ballet in London. In 1992, she was given a dance scholarship to the French national school of Dance, where she studied for two years.

Silva Hakobyan was named after her father, who is of the Serb minority. About her childhood, she attended several boarding schools in France and England, including the prestigious Ecole de Percour Sports (ESPS) in Paris. She met her future husband while still studying at ESPS and they married in 1996.

The Legend of Silva Hakobyan consists of 12 volumes consisting of poetry, prose, song lyrics, and music. The Legend of Silva Hakobyan was released 15 years ago. It was recorded by the City Ballet of Istanbul, the Turkish National Symphony Orchestra, and the Bulgarian National Opera. It became very successful, being sold to a variety of music publishers. It was then put on several other albums and was later made into a feature-length film.

The Legend of Silva Hakobyan was inspired by a poem by Stam Yurtkoy, who is of Turkish descent. Yurtkoy describes the story of a young man who is abandoned by his father and adopted by a lady who becomes his lover and wife. In the end, the boy realizes his destiny and he marries the woman. To avoid a fight with his father, the boy renounced his title and used his name in the title of his song.

When reading the lyrics, you will quickly understand why the Legend of Silva Hakobyan became so popular. The wordsmiths who composed this masterpiece clearly have an understanding of how listeners feel. They wrote about real-life experiences and put their feelings into the songs. A simple listen brings joy and a deeper understanding. When listening to this song, it can bring comfort and cheerfulness.

The song is not just a love story between two people. There are happy memories and sad moments throughout the song. This quality of the lyrics is what makes this song very special. When listening to the Legend of Silva Hakobyan, you will discover another side of music that few listeners have heard before.

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