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Sanaa Lathan was born in Kuwait. In 1998, at the age of five, she was already performing with local theater companies when she got an offer from Direct TV to play the role of Fatima al- Hussein, the role which would later become the protagonist in American sitcom The Cheers Experiment. However, before Sanaa could audition for that role, she had to first do some voice training. This was because the producers of that sitcom were casting female actors and they needed someone who could do a good job of impersonating their deceased loved ones. The director, Cheryl Broussard, went for her first voice class with Ben Stiller and John Lithgow.

From that point on, Sanaa Lathan has gone on to hone her acting skills and become known for her varied acting talents which have spanned various genres and types of drama. As an actress, Sanaa has played a range of characters, most notably in movies such as The Bodyguard, Bad Romance, and Love Actually. Her love of romance and comedy has also seen her hone her skills as a voiceover artist. For instance, in the animated film Finding Nemo, she did the voice of Dory, the forgetful clownfish character.

Another notable character of hers is Saleh, who in the animated series We Are Marshall, played by Eric Bana. Saleh was a terrorist who later turned against his terrorists’ group and decided to help them defeat their enemies. In Sanaa Lathan’s latest drama The Bodyguard, her character is hired by a rich and powerful New York City detective, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to protect his wife from a killer hired by her husband to kill her. However, the glamorous and attractive Sanaa gets out of the situation without any difficulty and is saved the day. This role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster The Bodyguard ranked it at number two in the acting categories.

Most people who are familiar with the work of Sanaa Lathan have also known about her leading performance in the popular TV series, 24, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award along with her supporting performances in the show, O.J. Simpson, ER, and Law and Order: SVU. Undoubtedly, among all these award winning shows, The Bodyguard easily ranks as one of its best stars. Its success has also encouraged many other actors to try and make a name in the entertainment industry and get listed in the best actor list for their respective performances.

A lot of people are surprised to see Sanaa Lathan listed amongst the best actresses and actors of off-broadway drama in the recent award seasons. But what makes her performance in The Bodyguard such an outstanding supporting actress role in a big franchise like 24? Well, Sanaa Lathan excelled as the glamorous and strong-willed character, who was also a fan favorite.

She did an excellent job in playing the role of a tough and committed police officer assigned to the detail. As an actress, Sanaa has been able to portray different characters such as a determined and strong-willed wife, an icy cold executive, a sensitive and romantic love interest, a strong and dangerous biker gang leader, and a mysterious and cold villain. But perhaps the most important role of Sanaa Lathan as an actress has been that of the perfect girlfriend, which she certainly did on The Bodyguard. She displayed great emotional acumen to portray this character flawlessly. It is really great to know that someone like Sanaa Lathan can star as a perfect girl and be appreciated by everyone.

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