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Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke was born in Scarborough, New York. He is one half brother of Canadian singer and actor, Michael Buble. Robin Thicke was a very young child during the early years of World War II. His parents, John and Olive, had immigrating plans to Canada. Robin was about four at the time.

Robin Thicke was a very young child during the early years of World War II. He was known as just Rob and his friends were called The Blurred Lines. This is the band that would form The Guess Who?

The Blurred Lines became famous in their own right but didn’t seem to realize it at the time. Robin Thicke was listed as a member of The Blurred Lines along with members like Mark Linn-Baker, Tim Rice, Glen Campbell, Glen Glenn and John Fogleton. The group broke up in early February of 1996. Then in February of 1996, Robin Thicke was spotting at Los Angeles airport wearing a T-shirt with a name that could be familiar to anyone that has ever been in a band called Los Angels.

A few months later, it was announced that Robin Thicke was going to record an album under the name of The Blurred Lines. That album would consist of songs written by Robin Thicke and also include guest spots by Michael Buble, John Fogleton and Tim Rice. As the project got closer to completion, the tension between Robin Thicke and his brother, Michael, grew so large that it nearly caused a split between the two. Ultimately, Michael Thicke decided to leave the band, taking with him Robin’s vocals and producing the album himself. Some fans still remain skeptical of whether or not Robin Thicke will ever fully come back into the spotlight, but for the most part he seems to have put those rumors to rest. While there are many questions that remain, including whether or not his new album will reach the heights of the original Blurted Lines, there is no doubt that it will be interesting to see how this latest reconciliation between siblings plays out.

In the meantime, Robin Thicke still has his own solo career, as well as several songs on his latest album “Songs for Christmas”. He recently returned to the spotlight with the single “Off My Pillow” from his upcoming studio album entitled tentatively titled Wonderful Tonight. Thicke has also written and recorded songs for several movies, including the remake of Kingpin, as well as For No Good – a movie version of The Breakfast Club. His voice can be heard on the scores for the movie Finding Nemo and Finding Home.

Whatever happens, we know that Robin Thicke and his brother Michael are still close. They have always remained friendly with each other, and in fact they have often jokingly said that their relationship has been like a married couple. Robin has also said that he and Michael still talk on the phone after working together on all of their albums. While there is no definite word on what is in store for Robin and Michael Thicke, or where exactly the duo will head in their next project, it is safe to say that their long-standing friendship will continue for quite some time to come. While the formation of their latest band, Blanket Strings, may seem like just another move in an ongoing musical career, it could very well be the beginning of a long and illustrious music career for Robin Thicke and Michael Thicke.

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