Ramadan Prayer Time in Bangladesh

Ramazan Prayers Time in Bangladesh. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabic year. This is not like all other months. This month Allah Ta’ala has given this month as a blessing for His servants. He divided this fish into three parts. This month includes Rahmat Barakat and Maghferat. The amount of blessings that Allah has bestowed on this month cannot be over stated.

Many hadiths state that donating one taka in this month is equal to 70 taka in another month. Also, Allah Almighty says: He will give the reward of the fasting people with His own hands. Therefore, the request to all Muslims in this month of Ramadan to worship Allah, that is, to fast and perform prayers.

Ramadan Prayer Time in Bangladesh

We all know that there is an extra prayer in the month of Ramadan and not in the other month. This is why many people are confused as to when the prayers will be performed. I tell those who are worried about this issue that the schedule of prayers is long in advance.

That is, the prayer will be performed according to that rule, but the prayer of the month of Ramadan, that is, the prayer of Tarabi, falls immediately after the Isha prayer. We are also selecting the right times for prayers and putting them on our site. If you want, you can find out the time of prayers from our site and perform the prayer.

Speaking of all these, one thing comes to mind here, the performance of prayers is basically according to the rules of the mosque.

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