Pohela Falgun Wishes, Message, SMS & Facebook Post 2022

Pohela Falgun 2022. Falgun’s greetings and congratulations to all. Pohela Falgun This festival is celebrated with much joy in some countries including Bangladesh and India. However, Bangladesh and India celebrate it with interest. Almost all the people of Bangladesh are waiting with this interest when the month of Falgun is coming. And the reason for waiting for them is the festival of Saint Falgun. Everyone is happy. Many people perform many ceremonies at the moment of Ananda Gram. In which there are some competitions including songs and poems about Pohela Falgun. These topics are the main attraction of this event. This is the first time Falgun has been criticized on social media.

Pohela Falgun 2022

Here we will discuss the first falgun in 2022. This program is mainly dominated by the young generation. It celebrates this subject with much joy.

Pohela Falgun SMS

Here we will discuss the first falgun. At the festival of Pohela Falgun, dear friends, relatives and younger siblings are wished through SMS. This is the reason why there are many people online who send good SMS on the first Baishakh. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place. Below is the first Falgun’s SMS.

  • Dhoroni Aj Uthibe Shaji
    Moner Dokhin Dar khule debo Aji
    Matal Hobo shukhe ajke ononto
    Sharthok Hobe Fagun, Sharthok Boshonto
  • Shokal Bela Ghum theke uthe jei melechi akhi
    Shamne jakey dekhchi sejon sei tumi naki?
    Bashonti Rong Sharite aj lagche oporupa
    Khola chule Joba fule Bedhecho oi khopa.
  • Koto boshonto ashe,
    R Koto chole jay.
    Koto kokoil poth hareye
    Kontho themey jay obolilay.
    Shudu ami kothao jete parlam na
    Tomak chere kotthao na.
  • Fagun Haoway Haoway Korechi Je Dan,
    Tomar Haoway Haoway Korechi je dan.
    Amar apon hara pran..
    Amar badhon chera pran
  • it usually held on 13th Feb but I don’t know why it came on 14th Feb this year. We, Bangladeshi people, don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because  we Have “Pohela FalgunBengali Spring Day
  • I’m gonna do it the day after tomorrow! Tomorrow is the first day of the spring of Bengali month and also Valentine’s Day! I’ll spend it with my family <3 Shubho Pohela Falgun and happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The first day of Falgun is known as PohelaFalgun, which usually falls on February 13 of the Gregorian calendar.
    Women usually dress in Basanti (yellow or orange) colored saris while men wear colorful Punjabis to welcome the season.

Pohela Falgun Wishes

Nowadays, many people make wishes through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and all other social media via SMS. By presenting their words in such a way, it seems that they are using everything. Again, many people can not write all these things neatly, there is no problem, we have brought the use for you.

Boshonto Love SMS For Gf:
Boshonto Mash Valobashai Vorpur
Tumi r ami ghurbo shara dupur.
Boshonter ful guje debo tomar khopay
Valobashar etai to shera somoy.

 Shokal Bela Ghum theke uthe jei melechi akhi
Shamne jakey dekhchi sejon sei tumi naki?
Bashonti Rong Sharite aj lagche oporupa
Khola chule Joba fule Bedhecho oi khopa.

Dekho batash boiche aji
Esho bosonter ronge shaji
Aj ghore firte chaiche na je
Amar e moner majhi
Prothom fagun dine

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