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Peyton List was born in Mississippi. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Washington University in St. Louis. List has gone on to become one of the best known and respected actresses of her time. This article covers the career of Peyton List from her birth in 1917 to her death in 1970.

Peyton List was born as Peyton Butler Rooster in 1917. At the age of three, she was already well known as a talented child performer. She attended the prestigious Pace University in New York City where she pursued a degree in journalism. She appeared in a number of theater productions, while also working as a radio announcer.

In 1922, she gained notice as an up and coming star with the best performance award at the 22nd Annual Academy Awards. The award however did not bring recognition to her name but instead the attentions of directors and producers. As the years passed, Peyton gradually began to gain recognition for her roles in films such as The Man With One Red Shoe and The girl from Macy’s. These films led to roles in other popular movies such as My Fair Lady and More Than Blue. Inflation would also bring her recognition in more Hollywood movies such as The Big Sleep and Once Upon a Time in America.

After a string of acclaimed films that managed to make Peyton List an iconic and beloved American actor, her life was touched by tragedy. In 1923, Peyton was married to Thomas S. Foster III. The couple’s marriage was documented in the book titled As Good As It Gets. Unfortunately, this marriage would be the basis of the biopic by Steve McQueen which was made into a feature film. Despite the death of both husband and wife, Peyton continued to work until she was unable to continue.

Following her marriage to Foster, Peyton would find herself working on two more successful marriages. Her marriage to Harry Wentworth ended in divorce court, where the two were awarded custody of their youngest child, a boy named Michael. Her second marriage to Richard Woolsey was less contentious and lasted until the couple separated in 2021. The separation resulted in Peyton List spending the next seven years living with her friend, actress June Paterson. While working on a writing project for a novel, she was offered the chance to appear in a series of episodes of an upcoming Fox television series called “The Bachelorette Party.” Her appearance in this episode would be the first of many memorable appearances on television by the famous Peyton List.

Following the release of the second series of the popular comedy, Peyton List would appear in four additional episodes of the series. For the rest of her tenure on the series, she received two more featured appearances, in which she played opposite fellow actress Amy Grant. On the spinoff series, “The Bachelorette Party,” she would play the same recurring role of Sarah Jessica Parker, who was introduced in the third season. Since joining the cast of “The New Edition” in 2021, Peyton List has proven to be a valuable member of the cast. She has also appeared in a number of independent films, as well as movies, including the award-winning “Wildfire” and “Cable Guy.”

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