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Perdita Weeks Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Perdita Week is a British actress whose credits include such acclaimed roles as Miss Catherine Middleton, Anna Kournikova, and Corin Forelle. In 2021 she played a key role in the award-winning film The Royal Wedding, which was one of the year’s most talked about movies at the time. She is also credited as a producer on the film, having worked with director Guy Ritchie, and with director Steven Soderbergh. Prior to that, she had been nominated for an Oscar for her role in Casino Royale, which was not as successful as the studio was hoping for. However, Perdita Weeks has since seemed back to her best and recently played the lead role in the highly-awaited biopic Miss Peregrine’s Man.

Perdita Weeks first came on television in 2021, playing the lead role in the British sitcom, Kit Fudd. Despite being one of the more forgettable main characters, Kit was actually quite likeable, even by the standards of British sitcoms at the time. After leaving the series, Weeks went on to star in several other British TV shows including Lorne Le Boeuf, until it was announced that she would be returning for a second series with the British family comedy series, Magnum P.I.. In this second season, she stars as Juliet herself, and her story is quite like that of the famous Victorian play, King Lear.

In this year’s edition of the hit TV show, Perdita Weeks takes on the role of Miss Peregrine, a private investigator with a secret personal life. As revealed in a recent episode of the show, Miss Peregrine (Weeks) seemingly has an addictive personality, but behind this mask lies a very dark secret. She is deeply in love with a man named Kit Fudd, but the two quickly discover that their relationship is far from honest. The romantic tension between Miss Peregrine and Kit Fudd pushes the two to often confront each other about their secret, even burning each other’s name in the process. While some may view this as over the top, it is clear that this relationship is what drives the storyline of Perdita Weeks’ current season.

Perdita Weeks

Perdita Weeks Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-25-35
Body Size 6 inches (91 cm)
Bra Size 34C
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 36 inches (91 cm)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Height  5′ 8″/ 1.73 m
Weight 57kg

This relationship with Kit Fudd also reveals what would become of Miss Peregrine in the future. Many are left wondering how much more the actress will get into this highly addictive role, especially after her previous experience. It is clear that in this current season of Perdita, she will most likely move to the center of the spotlight, becoming the central figure of the show. This will most likely raise questions as to whether or not the show can maintain the level of success it has had in the past. For many, it remains to be seen, but on the other hand, Perdita may find her place in the public eye, especially after the release of the third season.

In the second half of the first episode, we see Anna Toscan delving deeper into the mystery surrounding her murder, discovering a clue that points to a local bookstore owner. With the help of her new friend, Miss Peregrine, Anna makes a visit to the bookstore in order to speak to the owner, but quickly realizes that the man will only tell her what she wants to hear. He tells her that he cannot reveal any details due to certain circumstances surrounding the murder, but when she asks if they could meet, he tells her no. It is at this point that the series takes a drastic turn, as it is revealed that the man is actually named Henry Gates, and that he is the same man who tried to kill Anna on her second visit.

The two major characters of Perdita, Anna and Henry, are given strong and unforgettable personalities through the course of the show. Robert Yarris, the playwright, has made the entire premise of this drama very emotional, especially towards the end. His unique style of writing exudes the feeling of a real family situation. As well as being written for an adult audience, the show is also well suited for children as it does not over-power or sugarcoat the subject. It’s well paced and will leave both adults and children engrossed after watching. The entire second season of Perdita was recently canceled by ABC, but will return later on in 2021.

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