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Norah Jones is a former American pop artist. She is best known for songs such as “Take Me On My Lovely Blue Top” and “Give Me The Reason.” She has also won multiple Grammys and has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Jones moved to Los Angeles when she was young and became known for her soulful melodies and love of music.


Norah Jones has released four albums and one EP through her own label; she has also signed deals with several other well-known companies. Jones has consistently sold well throughout her career and continues to tour today. As a result, Norah Jones has achieved multiple awards for her work. Among these achievements are six Grammies and a Music Masters Award from the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (ARAS). Norah Jones was also listed among the Best Original Score recipients for the songs “Give Me the Reason” and “Hip Hop Dance (Wake Your Mind)”.


In 1980 Jones formed the band Peter Malick and the Pied Piper with keyboardist Herb Ellis and bassist John Lewis. Their first album, Sister Little Star, featured the song “Give Me the Reason.” The group went on to record Over the Hills and Highway to Hell, which peaked at number twenty on the ARAS list. After leaving the Peter malick group, Jones formed her own band named after herself called Norah Jones and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.


The group went on to record their first album with the name New Right and it came out in early 1981. The album did not receive a positive response from the audience and was largely ignored by critics. However, Norah Jones was undeterred. She decided to work on a new album that would be better received. She succeeded in that endeavor and her band became known as The Peter, Paul & Mary Chain.


The band’s second album, Breakup, was more successful than its predecessor. Its success led Norah Jones to expand her career and she began to tour regularly. Her string of live shows with the group ended when she moved into singing and playing in other groups such as the Jazz Mafia. Jones has also released several solo albums, including Jazz, Rhyolite, and Sunday. All of these efforts have helped Norah Jones comes away with a lengthy list of accolades including four multiplatinum records.


Norah Jones has also made an impact on the world of dance with her presence on the world famous Indian sitar band, The Lost Keys of Africa. She first joined the band as a guest artist and left after just one album. She later returned as a permanent member and has played with numerous other prominent artists. Her impressive career is likely to continue for some time yet. A Norah Jones album may very well become her best-known work.

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