Happy National Sons Day 2023 Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Saying

One of my National Sons Day Messages for 2023 is adapted from the poem by German Romanticism’s greatest writer, Sophocles. It is called “Theban and the Lion” and was originally written about a king named Menelaus, who rules over the Trojans following their defeat at the hands of the Greeks. In the poem Menelaus, who is the founding father of modern Troy, addresses his subjects as ” sons and daughters.” He reminds them that although they have fought to destroy one another, it is not through their strength that they prevail against their common enemy, but through their unity. Through this he not only pleads for their safety, but also for their revival as a people. In his speech, Menelaus asks his subjects to consider how they can honor and remember their past so that the memory of the past does not perish but rather grows stronger with each passing year.

The National Sons Day messages which follow are equally inspiring. Messages from NASA, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, remind students to “use Science – not sports – to build a better tomorrow.” The organization further reminds its students that “teaching science is part of what it means to be an athlete,” thus the need to include this activity among their annual activities in the school year. Other notable mentions from NASA include the message uplifting children on the dangers of radiation and cell phones, which they consider “two ways to kill.”

Sons Day Wishes 2023

“Be strong out there, my son. Look for the love and kindness in others.”

“Wishing a very Happy National Sons Day to you. This day reminds us that raising our sons right is one of the biggest responsibilities on our shoulders.”

“When we are raising our sons, we are not just raising them but we are also raising their coming generations. Warm greetings on National Sons Day.”

“The occasion of National Sons Day reminds us all that it is an opportunity for all of us to do the job of raising our sons correct. Warm wishes on this day to all.”

A number of other examples of National Sons Day Messages from various important people in our nation’s history also appear on various social networking sites, blogs, and newsstands. One of these is President Barack Obama’s message, which thanks all Americans for their past and present efforts in ensuring “quality healthcare and education for all Americans.” On a personal note, President Obama declared that he hopes “this year will be the year that more moms get the chance to fulfill the dreams they’ve held since childhood.” He concluded his message by wishing children across the country “the best possible start in life.” In his message, the president also encourages parents to encourage their children to study “with an interest” and to “find ways to support your children’s academic success.” The president concluded his speech with a favorite quote of his: “And for your child’s future, don’t forget to stop dreaming.”

Another notable example of National Sons Day Messages is that of George Washington. In his address on the day, the first president of the United States strongly encouraged Americans to “celebrate the genius of their forefathers.” In his declaration, he reminded Americans that they had gone through “so many generations of challenges” and that their forefathers “spent their lives building the greatest nation” that has ever been created in the history of mankind. George Washington hoped that his words would “give new meaning to the loyalty between America and its citizens.”

National Sons Day Wishes 2023

National Sons Day 2023 Quotes

A more recent example of National Sons Day Messages can be found in the song by The O’Jays. The song speaks about how a man must have “a dream to be the very last man standing” before God. And the lyrics further add that lesson by urging listeners to “fight the good fight” and to “honor your mothers, your daughters, and your brothers.” A more relevant message might be something like this: Every child of America should know and love his or her mother and father equally.

While we would all like to see National Sons Day grow into an even bigger celebration, it seems unlikely. One thing is certain, however. With all the social media uses and spam of various messages, it appears that National Sons Day Messages will continue to remain a bit understated. Perhaps it’s a small price to pay for preserving America’s greatest treasure–her social heritage.

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