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Movement Pass, Today we will talk about Moment Pass. If I want to know about Moment, read the whole post carefully. From here you can know what is the function of Movement Pass and how to apply it online. We all know that the lockdown has been given due to the current Corona situation. And if you go out during this lockdown, you are being fined. However, this moment pass has been given to go out in case of emergency. That means Movement Pass is an online application for outdoor work.

Movement Pass

Movement Pass is the name of an online application. Its job is to allow the administration to go out in case of an emergency during a lockdown. Movement passes must be taken at a specified time and are allowed to go out within a specified time. That means if you want to go somewhere you must take a movement pass. And be able to stay out according to that time. In certain places. A movement pass will be used only once, otherwise it will not be useful to use the next day or any other time on the same day.

That means you have to take Movement Pass if you go anywhere. And to get back from there you must pass another assignment. Hopefully got the idea about Movement Pass. Now find out how to apply online to get a movement pass.

Moment Pass Online Application

If you want to go out during lockdown you must take Moment Pass. And here we will discuss how you can get Movement Pass through online application. This means that you can learn how to apply for the Dead Pass online from here. To get Moment Pass, you have to go to any browser, search and type Movement Pass. Or you can apply for Moment Pass by following the link provided by us. https://movementpass.police.gov.bd/​ Then go here and submit with all the above correct information and your application will be completed.

And the administration will pass you the moment considering the trial. For this you must accurately highlight your date of birth and where to go. If the place is not right, you will not be able to go anywhere other than that place.

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