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Menna Fadali is an Egyptian singer and actress born in 1983. She is one of few prominent actresses from Egypt who are relatively unknown outside of Egypt. Menna Fadali rose to fame in the early nineties, appearing regularly on television shows such as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sabrina. Menna went on to have a role in several well known films including El Nasri el Haddou.

Menna Fadali was born in Cairo, Egypt. She was named Menna Fadali owing to her complexion, which is a deep, rich brown. Menna Fadali was one of thousands of Egyptians born in the Old Kingdom of Egypt. She was born around twenty-three centuries during the reign of Muhamed II. Menna Fadali was named after her mother who was the daughter of the viziers.

Menna Fadali is well known for her beautiful features, her olive skin tone, as well as her dark brown hair which is usually dyed black. In the late sixties, Menna Fadali participated in a height competition which was organized by the crown prince of Egypt, Tiberious IV. Menna Fadali was selected as one of the shortlisted candidates for the next Egyptian divination championship. She later went on to have an affair with King Faisal and the two eloped to Luxor, where they were married and had a son named Aswan.

After leaving Egypt, Menna Fadali settled in Britain and continued to work hard, honing her acting skills in television before joining the cast of a British sitcom entitled “My Favourite Weekend” which later became “Fantastico.” Menna Fadali’s career then took off when she appeared in “Muhammad Ali: One Nation Against All” a film that showcased her talents as an actress in the modern day. She went on to appear in “The Secret” a Hollywood blockbuster, which was a box office hit. She then went on to appear in a number of movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Babylon Sisters.” Her most famous role however came in “Lawrence of Arabia” when she played the glamorous Nelly Furtado.

Fadali’s other films include “The Flowers of Paradise” where she starred alongside Richard Burton, and “Norman kiss” in which she co-starred with James Bond. In the latter film, Bond married Contessa Mary Alcott, the head of the British secret service. Menna Fadali also worked alongside in the series of “Law and Order” as a member of the NVA. The award winning series “Law and Order” also featured Menna Fadali, and she was especially good in the spinoff “epsisodes” of that series. Her other notable film roles include the films “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Bulldog” for which she received the Order of the British empire (OTOE), as well as “Mani muqdad” for which she also received an OBE.

Currently, Menna Fadali is involved in various projects and has come to be recognized as an actor and actresses. She has achieved a high level of fame in the field of television and movies. As such, she has achieved a net worth which will allow her to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and lavish life. Born on septermber 4, 1983, Menna Fadali has become an important celebrity throughout her career and was even nominated for an Oscar for her contribution to the film industry. Some biographies have described Menna Fadali as a person who achieved great heights of success within an incredibly short period of her career.

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