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Memorial Day is a somber occasion on the calendar, marked annually with a number of funeral services and activities marking the life of a deceased person. Memorial Day, as it is commonly known, is on the list of United States’ most popular national holidays. It has been celebrated ever since 1776, though its origins are probably closer to the mid-nineteenth century. In United States, Memorial Day is observed on the third Sunday of May, annually. A lot of people commemorate the lives of their loved ones through Memorial Day activities.

Now, as we all mark the passing away of another year, we can now reflect upon how lucky we are to have been blessed with different heroes in our lives. They have fought and died for our freedom. So we owe it to them to let us all send heartfelt wishes to the fallen soldiers who remained in uniform until they crossed the seas. Here are some Memorial Day Wishes for the Fallen Soldiers of the Armed Forces that you may want to consider sending to the family of each soldier who passed away this year:

o Special Forces One: Happy Memorial Day Wishes for the brave soldiers who have given their lives in battle against the enemy. Send them an expression of your appreciation and love for their sacrifice and their bravery. In addition to their wives and families, send your warmest wishes to the surviving members of their unit. They will truly be in your thoughts during this time of grieving.

o Veterans of Foreign Wars: Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) gather on Memorial Day to observe their veterans in action. VFW also expresses its gratitude to those individuals who have given their services to the cause of preserving American security and freedom. You can send your thanks to those in the military who have given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy. The VFW also recognizes those in the armed forces who are disabled or injured, as well as the spouses and families of such personnel. These types of Memorial Day expressions are appropriate for the military member, his or her spouse, and his or her family.

Memorial Day 2021 Status:

  • “Happy Memorial Day is for those we lost the whole of serving our country. Always remember!
  • “Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Today and Every Day, we honor + remember you…!!!
  • “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right…!!!

Happy Memorial Day 2021 Wishes:

  • “And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldier’s tomb, and beauty weeps the brave. Memorial Day 2021 USA…!!!
  • “We give thanks to those who have sacrificed so much. New Hope Enlightenment church wishes you all a blessed Memorial Day 2021 Wishes…!!!
  • “Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy Memorial Day US Happy Memorial Day 2021…!!!
  • Thank You to all of the Men and Women who have sacrificed everything for my family…!!!
  • “As we observe Memorial Day, let us show appreciation for all who have served, one way or the other. Happy Memorial Day 2021 Quotes…!!!

Happy Memorial Day 2021 Quotes:

  • “Today we remember those who gave their lives for our great nation and honor their sacrifice. US Memorial Day 2021…!!!
  • “In memory of many, in honor of all. Thank you. Your bravery and service will never be forgotten…!!!
  • “Wishing you all a safe and happy Memorial Day. For me, connecting to nature is everything.
  • Have a safe and fun Memorial Day! We are grateful for the sacrifices of our fallen military…!!!
  • “Today we honor and thank those that made the ultimate sacrifice as they served this country. Thank you…!!!

o Veterans of Overseas Installations (VOIP): During Memorial Day celebrations, many Americans make their way to VAIP units that are located overseas. These military installations provide a much needed home to thousands of returning veterans and their family members. It is not easy to make the trip, but it is well worth it. In your statement, simply express your belief in the mission of these installations and how they help our nation remain a strong and viable entity. Thank them for their service to our country.

There are many other options when it comes to writing and submitting your Memorial Day 2021 wishes. Perhaps you want to write something down, but you aren’t sure if you’re qualified to say it. You can also go online to find some great resources. Just remember, your wishes are important, so express them freely. These types of statements let the public know how much you care.

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