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Melissa George was born in Brisbane, Australia and is of Italian decent. She grew up in Palm Springs, California, and moved to New York City when she was eight years old. Her first love was drawing, so she pursued this passion throughout her life and earned a bachelor’s degree in art education at the University of San Francisco.

Melissa George is an Australian-raised actress and businesswoman. A former national roller skater and model, George started her acting career playing Angel Parrish in the popular Australian soap opera Home and Away. Following this, she went on to feature roles in movies like Dark City, Million Dollar Baby, and Bridget Jones Diary, which earned her a number of honors and awards including an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2021. After moving back to Australia, she landed guest spots on shows like American Gladiators and The X-Files, and would later go on to star as Anna Kournikova in The Ghost Whisperer.

Melissa George is currently married to fellow Australian actor Michael Chiklis, with whom she has two children. Her parents are Georgehea and Richard George. She has been married to Chiklis since 2021. She lives in Perth, Australia, and the area is best known as the hub of both the film industry and the social networking scene in Australia. Melissa has also been involved in philanthropy efforts, founding the Melissa George Foundation in 2021 to help alleviate poverty and promote girls’ education.

Melissa has won many awards, including multiple Golden Globe Awards for her roles in TV shows such as The Mentalist, Frasier, and Married with Children. She also received an Oscar nomination for her role as Ann Taylor, in Love Actually, which was one of the most controversial films of the year. Her other award credentials include Golden Globe Awards for her appearances in movies including The Pursuit of Happyness, The Secret Life of Bees, and You Are Being Loser.

As a member of the original cast of Happy Days, Melissa was also responsible for bringing back the characters of Coach and Gill. Melissa played Coach, the sultry, yet loving, wife of center piece Willy Loman. She portrayed a character that constantly tried to get her husband to do more around the house, while acting oblivious to all of the women around him. Melissa’s character had more than a little bit of a volatile personality, and it was this which made her a favorite on both the television show, and the film itself.

Melissa George was also nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Secret Life of Bees, which was widely considered to be one of the better films of that year. Her performance earned her an Oscar nomination, and it’s easy to see why. Her ability to play the motherly, yet competent, wife of a cheating husband, made her a name among both mainstream audiences, and audiences that only watch certain types of movies. Melissa George has certainly was nominated for a best actress Oscar, but those types of awards have seemed to be a lot more common recently. It seems like the best supporting actress award for Melissa George is going to go to something that’s more widely accepted by both audiences and by the Academy.

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