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Meagan Good is an American professional actress and fashion designer. Starting out her career quite early, God appeared in a number of television shows, movies, and music video throughout her childhood and adolescent years. She is best known for being one of the main characters in the hit series American Idol, which she originated on the Fox network. Her extensive filmography also includes appearances in such films as The Perfect Score, Grosse Pointe, and Awakenings.

Meagan Good is the latest celebrity to come under the watchful eye of the Obamas. Meagan’s appearance in the YouTube clip “Why Isn’t There a White Girl” is one of many that have been parodies on this administration. It is interesting to note that the President and Meagan Good are both biracial. It is important that the President not only support his wife but every American citizen, and this is just another example of how Americans feel about their President. However, it is unfortunate that Meagan Good would make light of black Americans and other minorities on TV when she is supposed to be an expert in race relations and she obviously failed her black studies major.

Meagan Good’s most famous role was on the popular TV show Double Dare. She played the character of “Dishin’ out Fish” in the memorable episode “Grand Designs”. Meagan Good was also an executive producer and singer for the band Dumb & Dumber. As an actor, Meagan Good can be recognized by her two recurring characters in the movie The Princess and the Frog; Michelle Obama played the role of Aunt Emoire and Meagan Carlin was cast as the nerdy niece Fern. Both ladies played prominent and unforgettable roles in this fantastic film.

Not only is Meagan Good a great performer but has also been a big name in the modeling community. Meagan Good was listed on the Aritz Langer Top Artists List for the 2021 calendar year. Meagan Good was also named on People Magazine’s “Faces You Rock” list for the same 2021 calendar year. Other names Meagan Good has posed for include: supermodel Christy Turlington, fashionista Kat Von D and Los Angeles blonde beauty Shea Coulee.

Meagan Good is best known for her memorable appearances on the television shows Criminal Mind, Betrayal, Chuck and We Have Everything. As an actress, Meagan Good has made twenty appearances on television shows, nineteen of which were featured on the forty episode spinoff of the hit show Chuck. Meagan Good was also on an episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Meagan Good’s notable acting career is punctuated with guest spots on several notable television shows including ER, Frasier, Spinmaster, The X-Files among others. Additionally, Meagan Good was a cast member on the short lived yet highly entertaining British series Babylon.

Meagan Good was born in Southern California and grew up in a household filled with members of her extended family. Meagan started acting at the age of twelve in plays and commercials. After being discovered by British film company production, Meagan went on to play different characters in a number of British television shows including Absolutely Fabulous, Dinner for One and The Weakest Link. Meagan Good has since appeared on a number of popular and award-winning television programs including Scrubs, Mom, Chuck and We Have Everything. Meagan Good currently resides in Los Angeles. In between her acting career, Meagan Good has worked as an assistant to famous director Terry Gilliam in the movie Brazil.

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