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Margaret Cho, an American comedy queen, writer and performer, is well-known for her wide array of talents. She is noted for being a vocal critic of U.S. foreign policy and has shared these views in her stand up comedy act, Margaret Cho’s Raw Comedy Show. Margaret Cho’s greatest claim to fame was being a judge on the hit sitcom, Whose Show. She was also a contestant on Wheel of Fortune with hosts Darellcrow and Rich Little. She ended up winning the show’s third season out of seventy-eight contestants.

Cho is a brilliant stand-up comedian who often comments on current events. Her comments are often controversial, yet are always hilarious. Margaret Cho’s first major screen appearance was in the movie Edward Scissorhands, and since that time, she has gone on to be nominated three times for Academy Awards for Best Comedy Album, and her first two albums have both reached number one in the US.

Margaret Cho’s most well-known role was that of Zzzza, a fictional character from a series of British television shows. Cho plays the irrepressible Zzzza, a foul mouthed, foul mouth clown whose one-liners are so great, people end up being forced to leave the theatre before they get through one. Margaret can be seen on numerous popular British television programs such as Parkinson, which was one of the first British comedy series to air in America. Cho also performed several memorable guest appearances on Letterman, including a brief stint on his Late Night Show in which she expresses her fondness for the American showman, along with being one of the few female guests to have a sex scene on-air.

Cho has also produced several successful albums, most notably her first album in four years, which was entitled One Fine Day. Her second album, Always on My Mind, was critically acclaimed and helped catapult her into the position of high-profile stand-up comic in the mainstream. She has since developed a following for her distinctive sense of humor and has since gone on to develop an extensive catalog of songs, most of which are inspired by westerns and the women and love stories found there. The most popular of these is the song “Famous Mothers” from her 2008 album Something About You. This song takes the listener through the daily experiences of a typical mother living in the United States, dealing with all the typical stresses of everyday life, from finding out she is pregnant to the constant nagging of her teenage daughter about leaving home to go to college. All of this is wrapped up in a swift, punchy, and surprisingly deep ballad about one of the most famous Mothers in American history.

However, Margaret Cho’s most famous contribution to our world would likely be the sitcom 30 Rock, which she created and stars as herself. This series is now in its fourth season and has been rewarded with being one of the most critically acclaimed comedy programs on television. It’s not just the writing that creates the best sitcoms; it’s the entire cast. All the characters in the show are brought to life through their brilliant performances, and the unique manner in which they are brought to life makes 30 Rock an absolutely unforgettable show to have in your home.

For someone who began her career as a writer and actress on television shows, Margaret Cho has managed to transform herself into one of the biggest and most successful stand-up comedians in the world today. Her recent series, Always on My Mind, was recently honored with an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and has been rewarded with a Peabody and Polk Award for Best Series. Her stand-up comedy repertoire continues to impress, and the critical acclaim for her various endeavors only serves to strengthen her case as one of the most gifted and accomplished comedians of our time. Whether you enjoy listening to good jokes or watching good stand-ups, 30 Rock, Margaret Cho, and your favorite sitcoms are certain to provide you with hours of enjoyment.

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