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Marcia Cross is an American actor. She has appeared in daytime soap opera such as The Edge of Night, Another World (spinoff of The Perfect Score), and One Life to Live. From 1993 to 1997, she appeared as Kimberly Shaw on Melrose Place.

Marcia Cross was born in Cleveland, OH. Her parents were both teachers. Marcia was always interested in learning about life and people and would later become a teacher herself. While still a student, Marcia Cross went to live with her aunt and cousins in California. While there, Cross wrote a book of reflection and called it A CHANGED MAN. In this book, Cross describes how her views on the outcome of life have changed.

Marcia Cross moved to Beverly Hills and worked with several renowned actresses before landing a role on the very popular television show Angel Eyes. After the show ended, Cross signed a contract with Lions Gate Entertainment and went to work on a number of other movies including the remake of Rosemary and the first British film in over 20 years, Bruce Almighty. She also appeared in the movie version of King Kong. After that, Cross began a three-year period of steady acting work in TV shows such as Angel Eyes and was even asked to voice a character in the massively popular American version of Doctor Who. For these roles, Cross only required a small amount of acting training.

Marcia Cross’s most well-known role would be in the award-winning feature film, The Secret. Though not the first role that she auditioned for, this film would prove to be a big step towards her acting career. Based on the works of H. G. Wells, the film follows the plot of an alien body that lands on earth and begins to attack humans. Though it has since become a cult hit, The Secret failed to attract the box office revenues that some major Hollywood movies are experiencing at the moment. Perhaps the low box office success was due in part to poor casting.

A much better supporting role that didn’t require any type of acting talent would have been a part in the much hyped and highly publicized movie franchise The Blindside. With a star studded cast including Will Smith, Orlando Bloom, and Robert DeNiro, The Blindside became a box office hit right off the bat. However, the role of marlia Cross was given to actress Bernice Craig, who is half Italian and half Scottish. Though not entirely English, Cross bore an understandable English accent.

Finally, Cross had another acting career that would end up being cut short after just one season. Though the lead role in the soap opera Days of Thunder was given to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cross was given the chance to star in an additional episode before exiting the soap opera. Despite her excellent acting abilities, Cross was unable to secure a second contract for a second season of Days of Thunder, despite being one of the hottest talents in the show. Instead, she moved on to other projects, such as the television movie Neverland. Though her brief stint in the soap opera marked her final appearance, Marcia Cross still had one more acting career left in her.

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