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iola Lynn Collins was born in Harlem in New York City, the daughter of an Italian Jewish family. Her father was a prosperous lawyer, and her mother was an educated seamstress. When she was eleven, Collins went to live with her aunt and uncle in New Jersey. Her aunt and uncle were her primary source of news and information about people in her life, and these people influenced her views on life and fashion.

After moving back to New York, Collins enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she became known as a designer. She worked with fellow fashion designers such as Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as some of the most notable designers of the time, including John Galliano and Marc Jacobs. In 1996, Collins was a finalist on the first season of the reality show Survivor, and after that she appeared in the films Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bruce Almighty. Later that same year, she began working on the movie remake of The Breakfast Club, which starred Meryl Streep and Billy Crystal. Throughout all of these projects, Collins kept in close contact with her personal life and that of her fellow fashion designers, as well as the people who knew her best.

Collins trivia will show that Lynn Collins was at one point married to Richard Melville, a Canadian singer and songwriter. Her second marriage, to Idina Menes, was more of a common-law union, as Menes was just that – a real person. However, their union has remained under the public eye, as Melville has been continually spotted in Houston and other cities. At the time of their divorce, Menes was listed as the sole proprietor of C&M Enterprises, according to the IRS.

Over the course of her career, Lynn Collins has played a number of memorable and important characters in both Hollywood and Canada. Her appearance in the X-Men: The Origins video game is perhaps her most well-known role. As Professor X, she attempts to train young Jean Grey in telepathic matters, after he is thrown into a facility for developing telepathy by a rogue scientist. In the film, Collins plays the role of an alternate timeline versions of herself, who ends up saving Jean Grey at the first possible attempt, and helping him become the beloved X-Men member that he is known to be. In the end, it is revealed that she remains the only living original that has survived the timeline jump.

Throughout her many years on screen, no other actresses have achieved the kind of fame that Lynn Collins has. She is currently filming the second installment of the X-Men series, and has recently been cast as a main character in the upcoming Fantastic Four movies. Though she is very popular in the United States, her Canadian fans have taken to her acting skills, and she has earned a considerable following across the border. Her net worth is reflected by the large amount of money that has been paid out for her works. In addition to her numerous award winnings, Ms. Collins has also made special appearances on stage and screen, including an uncredited role in the movie Dances with Dragons, which was written and directed by none other than director Bryan Singer.

Though it seems that Lynn Collins has been around for quite some time, the fact of the matter is that she has only really made a start in the world of acting. Her early work included parts in small theater shows, and even did voice work on a few animated films over the past several years. However, it would be her breakthrough role in the acclaimed X-Men: The Origins of Wolverine that really kicked it off, and helped make Lynn Collins one of today’s most respected actors. She has since gone on to play more memorable and important roles throughout the years, including parts in movies such as The Prophecy, End of Days, and Don’t Think Twice, as well as the spinoff TV show, X-icles.

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