Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Presley was born on May 13, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. The little girl grew up learning how to sing from her family, particularly her mother, who taught her how to do so. Lisa Marie went on to have a number of recording successes throughout the seventies and eighties, including such hits as “Blue Hawaii”, “I’m a Believer” and “Who Loves Me”.


Lisa Marie was one of many children called Priscilla Presley. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and her mother would often take the children on vacation. Her father, an alcoholic, would often drank to the point that Lisa Marie would often be terrified at night driving home after a long, drunken night. On the album I’m a Believer, Lisa Marie expresses a deep fear of driving on the road, even though her father promises that he will drive straight into a bar if she gets into any trouble. He would leave the car keys in the car and go out with his friends.


Lisa Marie soon developed a reputation for being rebellious, although she claimed that this was simply because of the pressure of her acting career. She often dropped out of drama school and pursued other interests, such as painting, writing and guitar. She also became deeply interested in the occult, both as a student of it and later as an avid reader. This interest led her to become an avid reader of Aleister Crowley’s books. This eventually inspired her to create her own music, and in addition to writing several hits, she would also begin to focus on stage performances, most notably “Blue Hawaii”, which would go onto become a number of Presley’s biggest hits.


One of the many myths surrounding Lisa Marie is that she was once married to Richard Nixon. However, this is largely unfounded, and Lisa Marie has never been confirmed as a former Nixon aide. Regardless, her ex-boyfriend, Al Goring, would become her lover and he would file for divorce from her in 1970. He was also married to Lisa Marie’s mother. Thus, there is no doubt that the two were close, but it can be safely said that their relationship was not romantic.


Lisa Marie had a reputation as being extremely rich, and she definitely had money in her pocket. The only problem was that she would spend it on anything and everything that she wanted. This included clothes, movies, food, drinks… you get the idea. She was notorious for buying a new car every week, even when she already owned one. Unfortunately, her debts grew and she had to start repaying those debts, which included buying a house for Richard Nixon.


Lisa Marie was finally caught by the FBI and was finally exposed as the person behind the mysterious Noland mystery. Although she had spent years living a secret life, after her arrest her career went back to normal, though she would never again be seen on screen. She would, however, always remain in the public eye, working as an author, writer and producer. After her life of mystery came to an end, Lisa Marie turned to writing, penning her first novel in her lifetime. She passed on the penning of that novel to her daughter, Rosemary.

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