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Linda Cardellini is an American television actress best known for her memorable supporting roles in both the teen comedy Freaks and Geeks and the medical drama ER. She is also known for playing the cynical and slightly sultry femme fatale in the action-thriller Minority Report. Her other notable roles include the sexy nurse in Spy, the rebellious cheerleader in High School Musical, the sexy secretary in Bridget Jones Diary, and the evil queen in Beauty and the Beast. Her acting exploits earned her three Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Her other notable works include the remake of Grease and The Mask.

One of the first things you’ll find when you do a search on Linda Cardellini’s name is that she was in fact married to Richard Castellano, the director of the groundbreaking film A History of Violence. Though it was never stated on-screen, it can be assumed that the two had an affair while filming the film. According to the New York Times, Cardellini stated in an interview that the marriage between her and Castellano was amicable. “I never imagined that we would get into a marriage trouble, especially not with Richard, but we did and it turned out really beautiful.”

In addition to her acting work, Cardellini has also been a voice artist, writer, and producer, including the musical Scooby-Doo. Her credits as a singer include such hits as “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and “You Can’t Take Me Alive.” Her writings include several novels, such as One Day in the Life of a Girl and Afterlife with Your Soulmate. Her stage credits include the show’s Dirty Sexy Money and Hey Jude.

Her acting award for the 2021 Academy Awards comes from the Screenplay Guild Awards, for which she was nominated for being the second best actress award for the movie. Her other credits also include Anastasia Malarkey’s Anna and Lo; Ed Harris’ Edward and Bella; Christoph Waltz’ Grease; and Teri Hatcher’s Mary Poppleson. Linda Cardellini has also been nominated four times for the Golden Globe Awards, most recently for her performance in The Artist. She is also a nominee for the Screen Apprentice, Roseanne Barr’s second season, and Jack Kevlar and Tim Matheson’s The Fantastic Four: Rise of Mr. T.

Finally, in order to round out our Linda Cardellini looks at the actresses that have been nominated for the Best Actress in a Drama category, we should take a look at the supporting actors. Out of the many acting categories, only three of them have any sort of vocal connection to the films they are nominated in. None of them is listed here, because all three are pretty good. Our first choice is Dan Butler, who played the father in the movie A Few Good Men, but didn’t really do anything significant in the film. John Lithgow played the title role in The Sopranos and did play quite a handful of memorable roles, including a few on Broadway. Finally, Alan Rickman played Tony Soprano on the series of True Blood.

However, in terms of more substantial roles, Cardellini has had the most varied career. She has played supporting roles in some high-budget films and even appeared on an episode of Law and Order. In addition, she has also appeared in some lower budget films, such as the 1998 film Nobody’s Land. In the role of Rosemary, she played someone who was a bit on the lazy side, which would fit nicely into the Mountain View persona of the Cardellini character. As for other roles, Cardellini has been in smaller movies, such as the indie movie Swing Vote, as well as supporting parts in some Hollywood blockbusters, such as Bigelow’s Napoleon Dynamite.

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