labour Day Messages

labour Day Messages

Labour Day Messages is a symbol of workers’ rights around the world. People have been fighting for better pay, better working conditions and the right to unionize. May Day, which is traditionally the first working day after the summer months, is also an ideal time to get together with coworkers and give thanks for the contributions they make to the business community. The symbol of the red flag is another symbol of workers’ rights and the fight for social justice.


Labour Day Messages can be shared not only on the occasion of International Labour Day, but on any other day that are commemorated as workers’ rights day. A message in the form of a card or a handwritten note will suffice, and the sender does not need to be very close to the recipient to make it meaningful. The best way to share workers’ rights messages is through emails or regular hand written notes. The card or note does not need to be very fancy, just a simple and warm message from the heart is enough to send a positive energy throughout.


A good way to start sharing messages of joy and solidarity with colleagues and friends on International Workers Day is to write out some happy labour day verses. “Happy labour day everybody, let’s rock and roll all night long”. This is just a small quote and one that is sure to bring a smile to most people’s faces. Some people like to include the date in the quote or even have it printed on a t-shirt or other apparel. Sharing messages of solidarity with the coming labour day festivities should not be limited to written notes, there are other creative ways of getting your thoughts out into the public.


An easy way to send out messages of support on International Workers Day, and indeed on any day of the year when it is important to show support for the hard work and dedication of our labour force is to get together with fellow workers in the United States or in other countries who may be in similar positions as you. If you live in different parts of the country then it is certainly possible to organise a group picnic or barbecue outside of your place of work. It is always nice to have company and it helps get the message about the labour day wishes out to those people who are perhaps not as close by. You may also find it useful to organise a lunchtime picnic for all the office workers on your team on the first Monday of the New Year. If you or a friend are heading to a new country then why not suggest that your colleague or friend to join you on that first Monday in January so that they can catch up with the other travellers on their way to work.


If the office is not holding a luncheon on the first Monday of January, then you may want to consider having a lunch meeting either in the office itself, at the restaurant where you usually go for lunch or at some other location outside of where you work. You could even have a card making session in which everyone can take photos of themselves and their colleagues posing together, this would definitely be more effective than having an International Workers Day message read out on the company desk or voicemail box. If you or someone on your team does not know anyone who is planning on travelling to the other side of the country then it might be a good idea to put some stock in getting some photos taken and posting them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


It is really important to show your employees how much they mean to you and your business. It can be very easy for a company to get caught up in just working day to day but by sending out nice International Workers Day messages through your company Facebook page, Whatsapp message reads, or via any other means, your employees will take that little bit of extra retirement comfort away from them when they hear those words, “You’ve been trained to love your job”. No matter where in the world they are located, or what they do for a living, there will be people who are very grateful to be a part of something so amazing. A good photo or a funny video with their name featured alongside the International Workers Day message is sure to go a long way. It will give them a sense that their efforts are not only appreciated but they are being recognised for something they are passionate about.

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