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Kelly Preston is a character actress who appeared in a variety of well known films throughout the 1990s. She is best known as someone that appears in films that focus on some sort of romance or comedy. Kelly Preston was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Southern California. She started out playing the character of Renee Norton in the movie version of The Mask. Following her appearances in a number of comedies including Saturday Night Fever, Kelly Preston was seen in a number of less popular films including Don’t Take Me Alive and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Kelly Preston has had a number of career highlights. She had a chance to play the character of Rachel in the television show Seinfeld. In that role she would portray someone that was very similar to the character Kelly Preston that we know today. She also went on to play the character of Elaine in the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Song”. The show ended its run for good in August of 1997. After that show ended, Kelly Preston has only appeared in a handful of movies since.

Kelly Preston was in another film that was released in October of 1993, called Mommy and Mine. In this film she plays Kitty Hawk, a pregnant southern house wife that happens to be very close to a young girl that was adopted. It is here where the personal life of Kelly Preston is revealed, as she relates about her relationship with the adoptive daughter. The movie failed to gross very much in comparison to the other movies of its era, but it did receive a warm critical acclaim.

Besides those two movies Kelly worked in a number of other movies throughout the 1990s. One of these was Someone to Watch Over Me, which was directed by Tim Burton. This film featured Kelly Preston as the crazy old woman who works at an agricultural firm in Hawaii. The plot revolves around a defenseless old woman who finds herself unwittingly assisting a hit and run scene. When she later learns that her boyfriend had arranged for her to meet someone in Hawaii, she goes there in order to help him get away.

Kelly was also a contestant on the reality TV show, Survivor, which she starred in for a brief period of time. She was one of many who tried to survive the brutal elimination round. This reality show lasted eleven seasons, the majority of which she was a contestant on. In the final episode of her first season, she ended up losing to a contestant that was much older than she was, but she still managed to become one of the best known contestant that season.

After the completion of her two short stints on Survivor, Kelly was then casted in the highly popular television movie, The Thin Red Line. The movie was made in ten circles, which means that it was filmed in many different locations all around the world. It was a fantastic film, and Kelly received Grammys for both of her appearances in the movie, including Best Actress in a Leading Role category for her work in the movie. In fact, The Thin Red Line became one of director Clint Eastwood’s best films. This is also after she had been a regular on another award-winning television series, CSI, for several seasons.

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