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Kelly LeBrock is a famous American singer and actress. Her first acting debut was in The Woman in Red, co-starring Gene Wilder. She also appeared in the films Hard to Kill, directed by John Hughes and Weird Science, with Steven Seagal, and The Pursuit of Happyness, with Joe Mantegna. These roles helped launch her career which saw her appear in a number of other movies and on television shows. These roles also helped her build a filmography that would come to include such notable works as Bridget Jones Diary and the movie version of Beauty and the Beast.

In Bridget Jones Diary, Kelly LeBrock plays Holly Golightly, a young woman who returns home after being presumed dead following a car crash. Here, she deals with losing her memory during a strange trip to a scrapyard where a deceased friend of hers is buried. Although some of the events in this movie are exaggerated for effect, LeBrock’s performance as Holly Golightly provides one of the more memorable supporting roles of her career. Her ability to portray a character who has absolutely no memory of her own past and the subsequent PTSD that she underwent while visiting a strange town whose origins remain a mystery makes this movie a classic.

Another of Kelly LeBrock’s acting roles that comes to mind when discussing her career is her starring role as the youthful sorceress, Sally Struthers in the movie Sorcerer. This movie, while not very popular, did manage to earn her three Academy Award nominations, including Best Actress in a Leading Role. In fact, it was this role that won her the Oscar for her second Academy Award, for the same role. As a result of her win for Sorcerer, Kelly LeBrock also became one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, thanks in large part to the success of the movie. She managed to stay in the spotlight for a long time, playing the same role in a number of subsequent films, each one as a hit more than the last.

Kelly LeBrock’s love of acting began at an early age, although it’s unclear exactly what caused her passion for the field. It is said that she was inspired by the works of such renowned authors as William Shakespeare when she was a young girl. She studied acting in New York, but after graduating in 1963 may have given up on the idea, as she failed to land any speaking parts in Broadway shows. However, LeBrock finally found success in the movies, playing a supporting role in The Great Movie, which came out right before the release of Dr. Strangelove. Kelly LeBrock has since gone on to play many different roles, most notably appearing on screen in the remake of Charlie Brown. She has also moved into the world of fashion design, working with such well-known manufacturers as Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret.

The character Kelly LeBrock portrayed in The Mother’s Son is the quintessential modern day maternal grandmother. LeBrock’s role was specifically intended to evoke feelings in men, who could no longer identify with her because of her accent and French Canadian background. As a result, Kelly LeBrock trivia would often mention her connection to Canada, as well as to motherhood, even though she was born in New York City. In recent years, Kelly LeBrock has become known not only as a famous actress but as the mother of three children, and as an author.

While working as an assistant photographer in New York City, Kelly LeBrock met and married Richard Simons, a Canadian-American actor. Her marriage to Simons also resulted in her becoming pregnant with her second son, Thomas LeBrock III. When her contract with Wiedenkeller expired, Kelly LeBrock decided to quit her job and pursue acting full time, eventually landing a role on television’s sitcom “Heroes” in the fourth season. After that show ended, Kelly LeBrock concentrated most of her efforts on her writing, and she has been writing most of her memoirs to date.

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