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Juliette Lewis was born in Louisiana in 1937 and grew up in New Orleans. She had a renowned mother who was a talented storyteller. She has been described as having a “careful” approach to her acting which included studying theater before acting. She also studied acting with Ava Gardner. Juliette Lewis was married twice but did not divorce until 1983, after the marriage was plagued by rumors of affairs.

Juliette Lewis was an up and coming actress in Hollywood when she appeared in Lawrence Of Arabia for the first time. After that she appeared in The Graduate, Funnyman, On the Waterfront, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mystic River, Dog Eat Dog, Grease, Pretty Woman, Come As You Are, Blowin’ In The Wind, etc. While all of these movies were well received Juliette was unable to get any work after that. Her acting career was over for the next few years until she decided to try out musical theatre again. She appeared in Rent, She Loves Me, Round On, Here Lies Love, Swing Low Lovely, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Hairspray, etc., as well as appearing in several films, among them A Christmas Carol, Eternal Love, Ordinary Women, etc.

In between the years of appearing in musicals and films Juliette Lewis did decide to concentrate on her acting career and she did appear in some critically acclaimed films including Jurassic Park, Edward Scissorhands, Manicotti, etc. She did not, however, receive the same level of recognition that she would have gotten had she appeared in a studio album or two. One of her early roles was in the science fiction film genre. She appeared in the 1993 movie starring Whoopi Goldberg as a member of the crew on the sci-fi movie, Contact. Juliette Lewis also had a small role in the movie Kingpin, as an antagonist. Juliette Lewis was not a huge success in this film but it was her only good movie appearance.

After Jurassic Park, Juliette Lewis decided that she wanted to focus more on dramas. She had appeared in a couple of successful plays such as The Great Bazaar, August: On Their Wedding Plate, Love Actually, and Last Temptation. However, after those projects she seemed to lose a little bit of focus as to what type of roles she should be involved in. After the critical acclaim of the Jurassic Park movie many people assumed that Juliette Lewis was doing playing characters that were considered more character-oriented and that she should focus more on dramas with larger casts and more ensemble casts.

Eventually Juliette Lewis was given another chance at a lead role in a play based on a book of the same name written by her lover and sometime partner, Richard III. During the play, Lewis would play the role of Queen Elizabeth. The following year, she went on to play the role of Nurse Ratnaraj in the movie, Kingpin. Her first big break in movies came with the release of the film version of the Kingpin. That film went on to become one of the most successful films of the 1990s.

Juliette Lewis went on to star in several other films including the classic comedy Romance, Farelly Brothers Band, and finally the movie version of The Golden Compass. All of these films did fairly well financially and helped to put Lewis back into the limelight. Though Juliette Lewis is no longer in the limelight, her roles in both Hollywood films and her book/video games have helped raise the profile of her career and also gave her the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Hopefully Juliette Lewis will receive similar recognition in the future.

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