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Jennifer Carpenter is an American actor most well-known for her role asphyxia nervosa character Viva La Folie in the award-winning movie The Thin Red Line. Prior to this role, Carpenter had been seen in such acclaimed films as The Pursuit of Happyness, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jennifer Carpenter was born in Chicago, Illinois. As a child, her family always stayed at one house, which was situated in a loft building on Chicago’s South Side. Her father, Richard Carpenter, was a contractor, and her mother, Ida Carpenter, worked in a garment factory.

Jennifer Carpenter was one of four children of Richard and Ida Carpenter. Her younger sister, Jocelyn, is famous in the group of “The Stepford Wives” with fellow actresses Lisa Kritzer and Brooke Shields. In the novel The Thin Red Line, Jennifer Carpenter describes herself as “a woman fighting against an unseen enemy within”.

Jennifer Carpenter has achieved strong film careers that have been punctuated with honors such as an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and a Screenplay Oscar for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Both of these films came from lucrative films budgeted by capitalism, as opposed to films directed by progressive-minded movie producers who wanted to make a social impact through the artistic content of their films. Carpenter did not receive an Oscar nomination for either of her two films. Instead, both of her dramas were lost in competition to the Oscar winner for The Devil’s Advocate. Afterward, Carpenter seemed to consider herself to be lost in Hollywood forever.

Two years later, however, Jennifer Carpenter received the most infamous award in Hollywood, the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film. No one seemed to know what to make of it. Aside from the fact that no one knew what movie producers had in mind for Carpenter, the Saturn Award itself was bizarre. The award consisted of a metal disc with an engraved name on it. There was no envelope, there was no trophy, and no information about the award, save that it was given by an “acting awards consultant”.

Jennifer Carpenter seemed to be seeking justice for her roles in movies that had failed to entertain. When news of the Saturn Award broke, there was an onslaught of criticism from the press, the internet, Jennifer Carpenter’s agent, and everyone in between. Some called upon Carpenter to return her Saturn Award, others called upon Carpenter to cut ties with the company that had given her the award. Despite the fact that she had remained silent throughout the casting process, Carpenter still stood firm in her position, refusing to back down, or even speaking about the matter further.

For the second year in a row Jennifer Carpenter was nominated for an acting Oscar, but this time for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role. This award is meant to honor the actresses who actually do the actual acting in a film, not the actors who simply lip-read their lines and do their bit in front of the camera. So Jennifer Carpenter deserves her share of the glory, but is it really deserved? Is the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role, meant to honor the real person behind the glasses, or the talent that goes into playing the lead? Many people are wondering just that.

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