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Jennette McCurdy was born in segregated Texas in 1945. Her parents were both schooled at segregated schools and were part of the resistance movement against the white Americans who had taken over the state. In her mid-teens, she began a relationship with a black man named Jack Wilkins. They were married in November of that year and four children followed. Two of them grew up in Texas and one lives in California now.

When I first read that part of myself in her bio, it made me cry, but then I remembered her great grandmother who had passed away when Jennette was just thirteen years old. I had always known that part of myself because my mom was married in those days. The part about her mother dying changed my perception of her, so much so that it influenced my decision to write this book. The way her mother died was in part written in her memoirs. I wanted to incorporate her memories into this story so I asked the help of some very talented people.

The birth of twin daughters buoyed my interest in her memoirs and her early life, so I went about researching what happened between her two sisters and their husbands. My goal was to discover who became her best friend, which husband and which role she played in the civil rights movement. What a Relief to See that the story did not end there. I discovered that Sam Puckett was her real biological father and her childhood best friend. I also found out that her biological mother had been dead since she was eleven and that she never knew she was biologically related to Sam.

After reading her memoirs, I had to look up some information regarding her life before her TV series began. What a rich and fascinating woman, she was, as she was able to maintain a busy acting career while keeping her mom happy. We watched her grow from an infant who loved to read to the actresses who loved her children, who became a mother and a stepmother all in one season. Her acting exploits include the likes of Housefull, Cheers, Frasier, Six Feet Under, The Perfect Score, All I Really Need, Frasier, Mom, and The Perfect Score (also with David Hyde Pierce). The most amazing aspect about her acting was that she always returned home to West Hollywood and maintained a fine film career into her twilight years.

When I discovered that she had successfully continued on with her acting into her later years, I ordered a copy of the same book from the library that I had read about her. What a wonderfully revealing and insightful read. She shared how she had continued on with her acting into her later years, including a stint in rehab and going back to acting, playing the role of a drug addict in an award-winning short film. There were also the more traditional roles such as maid and housekeeper, but what really caught my attention was her role as Jeanette in Frasier. It seemed that the producers really found something great about her and wanted her to portray the character.

So while we are celebrating her many and varied achievements, I implore everyone to consider watching Frasier on television. Although the first episode is a little slow, you will definitely see what I am talking about because it is truly a gem. Jennette McCurdy did a marvelous job playing the role of Jeanette throughout the first half of the show, but then she got so much attention for quitting the show that she had to focus on her acting. I’m sure you will agree, if you missed her, you definitely will when she returns.

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