Jaymi Hensley Net Worth, Biography, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Jaymi Hensley is a member of American pop group Pentatonic and has also been in the group Scissor Girls. Hensley is well known for her vocals and guitar work with the group Pentatonic as well as being a member of Union J and doing background vocals. She is from North Miami Beach and has often been featured in print ads for diets and other health products. She has also appeared on television shows like Oprah and The View.

Born iniens Jaymi Hensley was raised in Essex, England. She grew up in Luton, a town that is located in the northeast part of Greater London, England. During her younger years, she attended St. Aidan’s Catholic School in Luton. She left school at 16 to pursue a singing career and went on to join the cast of a British talent agency, appearing on stage and in photo shoots for several popular musicians.

Jaymi Hensley became famous when the band Pentatonic performed at a London nightclub called the Warehouse. During the performance, Jaymi Hensley was caught on camera by a photographer for the BBC. She proudly came out as a lesbian singer during the performance and since that time has openly been open about her sexuality.

Jaymi Hensley was married to David Hasselhoff for the past 31 years, when she was 35 years old. In August of 2021, the pop singer got engaged to fellow artist Jacob Collins. In the same month, Jaymi officially came out as gay while competing on Dancing with the Stars.

The 31-year-old singer gained popularity over the past couple of years because of her excellent voice. Her voice has a distinct timbre and a crisp quality that are unique. In fact, many of her fans compare her voice to that of Andrea Bocelli. There are also those fans who compare her voice to that of Fiona Apple.

The popular girl-group called Akon has had several popular songs. One of those songs, “Waters Edge” was produced by Jaymi Hensley and her husband Jacob Collins. The couple met when they were just 15 years old and since then, the pair has been inseparable. While she is no longer a founding member of Akon, she is still one half of the group. She has also become known around the world as a popular sing-raiser and vocalist

A month before Jaymi Hensley was asking to be a part in the Akon song, Febrar did get engaged to her boyfriend. During the course of the months following the engagement, she went to the studio to record a new song with Jacob Collins. It is after the recording session that the name Jaymi Hensley came into light. This is where the singer learned that she was going to be a well sought after vocalist and performer. She is now currently signed to the well-known international music group Mista & Young Forever along with her former husband Jacob Collins.

As a performer, Jaymi Hensley has managed to attract attention from various different genres of music. Her voice has been known in the likes of Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Jazz. If you want to know more about her background and what the future holds for the talented vocalist, then it would be a wise choice to check out the official Mista & Young Forever website. The website also provides information on where to purchase music from this talented artist as well as information on upcoming live dates.

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