Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day

Teachers are the unsung heroes of education. They educate millions of youth in various countries. They are unsung heroes because they work so hard without any recognition or acknowledgment from anyone. This year on the 4th May, let us recognize the unsung heroes of education.


Quotes:” educator is someone who inspires, gives beauty to life and gives a hand to the handicapped. Happy teacher day! I deeply appreciate you as a teacher.” Teacher Carol Duvall; School Psychology Chair, University of Utah; author of Teaching High Discipline: The keys to High achievement and Inner Calm (Carol Duvall, ed. ).


Texts: “Happy teachers are appreciated at the dinner table, at the coffee shop, at the park, on the bus, on the escalator, on the airplane and just about anywhere else. Teachers deserve some kind of appreciation. Teachers deserve a reward. Teachers deserve a hug. Teachers deserve a celebration.”


Dear Readers: “Dear Reader, (who probably counts only the numbers and has no idea what words to write), there are a lot of teachers out there who make our world a better place and who could not do it without all the help and support of their students, peers and colleagues. There is a special day, perhaps next April, to celebrate the dear teacher in our lives. Why not select a date in their honor? Why not celebrate Teachers Day in a most original and meaningful way?”


Dear fellow teachers: “Teacher like me, you know, teach to give and to learn. You know the best way to share and to teach is through teaching. As a teacher you have an important role to play and I truly appreciate your vision for our children’s education. (I have included the best quotes I can think of in the above article.)” – CPSC Member in Christ the Great Assembly 2021


I hope you will consider this advice and use it wisely to celebrate a most happy teachers day tomorrow. And if you can’t stomach the thought of having to say, “Happy Teachers Day,” why not just say “thank you” to those who are doing the hard work for our children. It’s the thank you that really matters. So I ask, when is the next Teachers’ Day? Will you be ready?


The second part of the theme “Happy Teachers Day” in Teachers Day 2120 is, “What can we do to ensure the best days for classrooms everywhere.” A group of Chicago educators got together recently to find out what can be done to make this day, held on the second Saturday of May each year, more of a celebration of teachers instead of a hit-and-run with cookie cutter ideas that don’t take into account the real work that teachers do every day. They’ve come up with a lot of great ideas. And they’re encouraging others in the field, too, to come up with their own ideas. That’s an encouraging approach to a subject that makes people uncomfortable.


The theme for the next Teachers Day in Chicago? “Creating a Better Workplace: Celebrating Teachers.” To help get people thinking along these lines, Chicago Schools will be holding workshops at various schools over the course of next year on improving classroom conditions and attitudes toward safety, courtesy and good behavior. And hey, who knows? Maybe next time there will even be a Teachers Day celebration in the park?

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