Enca Haxhia

Enca Haxhia is a well-known Albanian actress, singer and songwriter. Her life spanned two decades from the age of twelve until she was fifteen. She went to school and pursued her arts, even studying music as an adult. It was while studying that she began to concentrate on performing art. She eventually found her way into the limelight when she was cast in the popular television series ‘Romantically Challenged’.

Enca Haxhia was born in Albania but later grew up in Paris, France. Her father, Ruenos Haxha, was a well-known and respected figure in the musical and cultural circles of France. He was a prominent figure in Albania’s theater scene and introduced Enca to the world through his performances in the plays produced by his company, Aspen. As Ruenos was well-known and respected, Enca was often compared to his daughter, lining some of her early shows wearing outfits closely resembling those worn by Ruensa Haxha. Enca Haxha chose to go by the name Enca because she felt it bore a resemblance to her mother’s maiden name.

Enca Haxhia Biography is largely centered around her life in the arts, during which she also became a member of the dissident group called Voice of Conscience, which was formed by Tirana herself. Her performances in these groups helped to transform Tirana and Enca into worldwide icons. Her first album, Anu!, with a single titled Something Is Waiting, achieved moderate success and marked the beginning of what would prove to be a long and remarkable career in Albania.

In the late nineteen seventies, Enca Haxhia began traveling around Europe and she continued to participate in political and social struggles, such as the struggle against the Italian occupation of Albania. Eventually, when the communist regime collapsed, Enca decided it was her patriotic duty to return to her home country. She traveled through Iran and Turkey, visiting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and lecturing at the universities there. Enca eventually settled into a small fishing village on the northern coast of Albania and lived in a small house with no outside visitors for several years.

Enca Haxha was forced to leave the country when the new government nationalized all private businesses and banned music, except for the so-called “folk arts,” such as traditional stringed instruments and folk dancing. Although she never traveled to neighboring countries, she remained in constant communication with her family back in Albania and throughout the world. She wrote five books about her travels, which are immensely popular in the United States. In recent years, Enca has returned to the limelight, traveling to various countries and lecturing about the meaning of life and the importance of human relationships.

Enca Haxha is one of those artists who has transcended borders and who continues to be appreciated not only by her native land but also throughout the world. Her music has inspired millions, not just her own fans, but by people from all walks of life. Enca Haxha has made an enormous name for herself not only in her native Albania but also in the wider Middle East and beyond.

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