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Demi Lovato is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. She was known for her roles in the TV series Barney & Friends as Mitchie Torres, and for her work in the film industry. After appearing on the popular children’s show Barney & Friends, Lovato quickly rose to popularity for her portrayal as Groundskeeper Mandy in the movie version of the show. She went on to star in several other popular shows for which she received critical acclaim, including Love Actually and Broadway’s revival of Cats. Now, she is primarily known for her roles in films.

Demi Lovato was born in Southern California and grew up in Inglewood, California. Demi first gained attention as a teenager with the single “Slow Driver” from her self-recorded album Burn for What it Is. After that single was less successful, Demi moved on to collaborating with musician Scott Weiland, and later with hip hop singer Rakim. With these projects under her belt, Demi finally became famous with her appearance on the TV show Barney & Friends.

Demi’s next appearance on a popular sitcom resulted in her becoming one of the main characters on the show, which lasted eleven seasons. During those years, she was able to build a large fan base, thanks to her sense of humor, charming looks, powerful voice, and sultry persona. Demi was also a talented actress, and she on screen skills were not limited to romantic and comedic roles; she also appeared in a handful of high-end films, including Kill Bill. After the show ended, Demi decided to release her own CD, entitled New Demi Lovato, which featured guest stars such as David Hyde Pierce and James Marsden.

Demi is well known for her vocal abilities, but her music talent has also helped her to develop a large and devoted fan base. Her first appearance on an adult contemporary record, entitled Baby I’m Make Up, helped to increase her popularity among female listeners. Demi’s voice can be heard on singles such as No Way Back, and her voice can also be found on her debut album, No Way Back Now. The Demi Lovato debut album was an instant hit, selling more than three million copies. Demi’s next album was more successful than her debut album, due to the massive success of her first single,” Candy Paint”, which was off of her sophomore effort.

Demi continued to tour with the band Panic! for several years, before calling it quits. She then formed her own group called The Nasty Girls, which featured herself, fellow artist Ashlee Simpson, and songstress Nicole Richie. The Nasty Girls went on to become a number two hit for Demi, while The Candy Shop, which was Demi’s second album, was not as well liked by critics. Demi finally decided to set her sights on a major label record after she got out from Panic! and signed to Virgin Records.

Demi’s first single from her new album was the chart-topping hit single, Don’t Cry. This single became just the second single in a top ten single to reach one hundred dollars in sales. Demi’s next single, Blackstar, was also a massive hit single, reaching number three on the charts. Demi’s next album, which was to be entitled New Demi Lovato, would not be as successful as the previous albums, but was still a huge hit single, making Demi a crossover star.

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