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Danica McKellar is an American stage actress, stand up comedienne, and education activist. She portrayed Winnie Cooper in the classic television series The Wonder Years, and since then has voiced Miss Martian in both the animated series Young Justice, and the DC comic book series Green Lantern: New Guardians. Danica is married to fellow American actor Michael E. Gough, and they have two children. Her most famous role was in the film Finding Nemo, where she played the young Marlin who became a beloved character in the movie. Since that film, Danica has appeared in some TV shows including Sex and the City, Frasier, Roseanne, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Danica has said that when she got the part of Miss Martian in Finding Nemo, her only answer was to say, “I want to live on Mars!” She went on to say that the role was meant to be for a female character, but she had read the script several times, and realized it was actually meant to be a young woman with super strength, a brilliant mind, and a strong will. So, when producers asked her to do the voice of Miss Martian, she knew right there and then that this was going to be a great role. Danica was a graduate of Washington State University, in Spokane, Washington, where she majored in mathematics. She then went on to the University of San Francisco, for a degree in physics. After graduating, Danica worked as a teacher in a private school in Seattle for about six years, before landing a role on Broadway, where she played Anna Paquin, one of the lead characters in Mucha.

Danica was also a huge fan of the early days of television, so when the show began its third season, she was very excited. As you might expect, Danica loved playing the role of Miss Martian. Danica recalled how excited she was when producers asked if she would mind reprising her role as Anna Paquin in the fourth season of the television show; Danica said that she “really wanted to!”

Danica’s acting career really began to take off when she landed roles on Broadway. She landed the role of Coraline in the same season as Breaking Bad’s Aaron Crane. Later on in her acting career, she played the roles of Holly Golightly in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rose in Once Upon a Time in Europe, Rosemary in Dracula, and the recurring role of Alice in Wonderland. It was around the time of the TV movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland that Danica got to know Charles Bronson. The two became close friends and the two often attended mutual comedy events in New York City.

Danica’s star certainly grew with her success on Broadway. She has also had some smaller roles in movies and shows, such as American Woman, A Few Good Men, and eventually became a household name in the world of theatre with her appearance on the stage as Cleopatra in Julius Caesar. However, it was on the movie theater that Danica’s acting career really began to prosper. She went on to star as the first female vampire in Sleepy Hollow, the first African-American vampire in Twilight, the first British horror film in fifteen years in Panorama, the first episode of Doctor Who in 2021, and the first episode of the popular TV series Doctors. All of these roles have helped put Danica at the forefront of the American role-playing scene.

In the final analysis, it seems clear that Danica McKellar has definitely cemented her place in the annals of the entertainment industry. Her various television series appearances, ranging from high-profile characters in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to small supporting roles in popular films, have earned Danica herself a multi-million paycheck for each performance. Her numerous film roles and numerous theatre appearances have also elevated her into the realm of the super rich in Hollywood. As such, it is very likely that Danica will receive the multi-million contract that she desires in order to maintain her position as an American actor and actress.

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