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Brittany Daniel is an American actor. She is also the younger twin of singer and former actor Cynthia Daniel. She is most famous for her roles in the teen drama show Sweet Valley High as Kelly Pitts and in the popular television show The Game. She has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress In A Leading Role for her work in both of these shows.

Brittany was born and raised in Louisiana. Her real name is Brittany Anne Daniel and she grew up in New Orleans. As an actress, Daniel has acted in such movies as Swing Vote (2021), The Cable Guy (2021), The Game, Bridesmaids (2021), Edward Scissorhands (2021), The Mask (2021), and High School Musical (2021). She has also appeared in TV shows such as Smallville (TV series) and E.T. She is currently married to musician and dancer Mark Linn-Baker and the couple have two children.

Brittany Daniel first gained notice as a contestant on the popular television program Growing Up TV, which is an offshoot of the popular reality television series Teen Mom. After becoming one of the best-searched items of all time on that show, she then appeared on another popular TV series called Married with Children. This television series followed the lives of a middle-aged mother and her young son, and became very popular. Since then, she has appeared in various other popular TV shows including The Mindy Project, The Finder, Glee, and The New Girl, among many others.

Brittany Daniel has made quite the name for herself since her days on Teen Mom. She appeared in and produced the popular movie Sabrina. She has since appeared in several movies and television shows, including American Pie and The Perfect Score. Her most recent starring role was on the critically acclaimed FX series As the World Turns, which went notably darker and brooded than its predecessors.

Brittany Daniel’s acting prowess has made her an integral part of some of the most beloved shows in modern television. Her appearance on The Mindy Project earned her a second screen role, after appearing on The Sopranos. She plays the character of Hannah Hartman, a young woman who is a friend of D’Angelo Durst, a childhood friend of David Kleinfeld, and a member of the Aprile crew. Prior to appearing on the Mindy Project, Daniel had been featured on a number of other popular television shows including Smallville, Glee, and The O.J. Simpson Show, which lasted for five seasons.

Brittany Daniel has certainly become a name that Hollywood is very familiar with today. Her character in the Mindy Project was a good friend of Jessica Simpson’s, and she is now linked with the family of Simpson in a new multi-episode spinoff of the hit show. Her twin sister Natalia appears in one episode, playing the character of Lauren Conrad. The good friends of Daniel are also set to appear in episodes that follow. Her appearance on Sabrina was also very well received by critics, bringing with her a wealth of new fans.

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