Banglalink Internet Offer 2021

Banglalink Internet Offer, Banglalink Internet Offer 2021, Today we will discuss about Banglalink Internet Offer. Before that let us know some information about banglalink. Bengali is being taken over by mobile phone service providers. It is almost the second largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh.

Grameenphone is in the first place in Bangladesh and Robi is in the competition with Grameenphone which is the second largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. And Banglalink is after Robi. So Banglalink also wants to take second place through their service. To this end, they offer a variety of offers almost every day that are very affordable for the customer.

These offers include internet offer minute offer and SMS offer. And in this post we will discuss about banglalink internet offer. That is why this post is very important for you if you are using Banglaling SIM.

Banglalink Internet Offer 2021

Here we will highlight all the Banglalink internet offers of 2021. Which will be affordable for the customer. Detailed information about all those packages has been given. That is, how to activate all those packages, all the details including the active code.

Banglalink Daily Internet offer

Here we will discuss the daily internet offers of Banglaling. We all know that there is currently no one-day package. Currently all internet packages are valid for 3 days. In other words, in a period of three days, you are keeping the details of my Banglalink’s small internet packages with activation code.

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
200 MB Tk. 18 *5000*18# 3 days
75 MB Tk. 13 *5000*543# 4 days
1.2 GB Tk. 41 *5000*41# 4 days
2.5 GB Tk. 58 *5000*58# 4 days
4.5GB Tk. 64 *5000*64# 4 days

Banglalink Weekly Internet Offer :

Many people are looking for an internet package for a week. For them we have brought some interesting internet packages of Banglaling valid for 7 days. We, the Bengali girl, have come up with many packages in a week’s time. Hopefully this successful internet package will be affordable for you. Details of the packages are given below. Text in active code validity and how much MB for all those things.

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
1GB Tk. 16 *5000*216# 7 days
150 MB Tk. 26 *5000*522# 7 days
500 MB Tk. 42 *5000*588# 7 days
4 GB Tk. 108 *5000*108# 7 days
7 GB Tk. 114 *5000*114# 7 days
11 GB Tk. 129 *5000*129# 7 days
15 GB Tk. 149 *5000*149# 7 days
18 GB Tk. 169 *5000*169# 7 days

Banglalink Monthly Internet offer :

There are many people who are looking for an internet package in a month. Banglalink has come up with some interesting internet packages for them. Below are all those internet packages.

Data Price Active
5GB TK. 46 *5000*246# 30 days
2GB TK. 209 *5000*581# 30 days
3GB Tk. 249 *5000*249# 30 days
6GB Tk. 299 *5000*299# 30 days
12 GB Tk. 399 *5000*599# 30 days
40 GB Tk. 499 *5000*508# 30 days
45 GB Tk. 999 *5000*999# 30 days

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